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We will be at NY16 Podiatric Clinical Conference and Exhibition in the Marriott Marquis, NYC from Jan 22-24, 2016

Allgens Medical, Inc will be showcasing the unique Mineralized Collagen Bone Graft, which is the only bone graft substitute that resembles native bone matrix in both composition as well as microstructure.

The inorganic component, hydroxyapatite was embedded within a woven network of collagen fibers in the same way as those occurred in native bone.The organic portion of the bone graft will attracts and binds autologous osteopontin, osteocalcin, and BMP-2 which enabling local osteoinduction to occure. The advanced bone graft is designed to boost healing followed by resorption and replacement by new bone growth.

Bongold comes in configuration of particles, blocks and cylinders which are easily trimmed in the OR, and possess superior handling ability. Bongold has been approved by the FDA as a Bone Void Filler for fill bony voids and gaps throughout the skeletal system (not including spine).


We will be at Booth #713 and Hope to see you there