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Research Vision

Allgens Medical research mission is to focus on developing next generation superior bone graft/bone cement products. Visionary innovations paired with highest standard of ethics during all course of our research.

A break-through and Award Winning Technology

Bongold mineralized collagen bone grafts are the brainchild of years of award winning technology originated in Tsinghua University, China. This technology platform represents a product family which resembles human cancellous bone both in composition and in micro-structure. In addition, Bongold has superior handling properties and excellent moldability.


Allgens Medical, Inc™ is manufacturing products in ISO 13485 certified facilities with the most stringent quality and compliance standards.

Clinical Relevance

Allgens was founded by scientist collaborating with orthopedic surgeons. Therefore we believe we understand the needs in the OR, and we provide product solutions to meet surgeon’s need. We aim to develop the most user friendly, clinically relevant products to serve the patients and the clinical community.